Gemma & Craig, Wedding at Lazaat Hotel Cottingham

Gemma and Craig were married this Saturday at Lazaat's, with the reception held at the hotel's Monsoon Suite. As well as the Mercedes to bring Gemma to the hotel, she had secretly arranged with Chauffeur Luxury to have a rather nice Aston Martin DB9 convertible come to collect Craig as well!

click here to see the full selection and order prints : password is the couple's surname

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gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-01 bride and dad
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-02 groom waiting for the bride
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-03 bride and groom relieved
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-05 chauffeur luxury Aston Martin DB9 viewed from back
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-06 bride and groom and chauffeur luxury Aston Martin DB9
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-07 couple in the gardens near Monsoon Suite
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-08 bride and groom
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-09 bride looks through window
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-11 flower girl closeup
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-14 guests having a laugh
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-15 hen party girls
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-17 groom
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-20 guest making funny face
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-21 bridesmaid informal portrait
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-22 informal guest shot
gemma-craig-wedding-at-lazaat-cottingham-24 cutting the cake