HEY Special Stars Foundation

June 2015

Please click on your name/timeslot and use the password given.

If you would like to buy canvases or other special items please get in touch directly as they aren't available through the website.

Prices can be found here.

Remember to order before 1st July and use your promotional code to get your included 12x8" print. Orders will be delivered to Sunday Club 1-2 weeks after the closing date.


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Timeslot Name
0900 Colette
0930 Tracey
1000 Diane
1030 Claire W
1100 Clare S
1130 Beckie
1200 Kayleigh
1300 Natalie
1330 Katie
1400 Pam
1430 Jane
1500 Emma
1530 Jill
1600 Amanda
1630 Late Addition!