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Frequently Asked Questions



  • How do I order photographs online?

Photos from events, weddings etc will be on a partner site, linked from this website under the appropriate section - weddings, portraits etc. You can pay by cheque, PayPal or debit/credit card. If paying through the Imagepartner site, please select Paypal and this will give the option to pay by card or Paypal account. See screenshot here

Can I buy gift certificates?

Yes. Great for birthdays, anniversaries, or even a wedding gift, a gift certificate can be redeemed as a photoshoot or maybe to buy some extra photo gifts such as canvases or a favourite framed prints for someone who has already had a photoshoot or wedding with me. Click here to see options.

Where is your studio?

My studio is part of The Scrapstore Studios, within the old schoolhouse building, on Woodcock Street/Dairycoates Avenue, Hull, with other creative people using other studios in the building. It is not far from the KC Stadium or St Andrew Quay retail park. Details on finding it are on the contacts page. The building itself is run by Scrapstore, a charitable organisation promoting creative art and play for children and young people in the area.

Do you do airbrushing?

Well, okay, if you insist! Read any magazines and you know that the celeb in the photoshoot doesn't look exactly that perfect in real life. Photoshop is a wonderful thing, but we still want to be able to recognise that it is you! All images will get a small amount of adjustment for colour and brightness. Your private online gallery will show all of the basic, unedited images, plus a selection of my favourites, showing them fully retouched (airbrushed) to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like. All your final chosen images will then be carefully edited, with a small amount of things like removing that spot that just appeared that morning, removing flyaway hair and smoothing your skin so you will look your best ever before presenting your product to you. I will also do a small amount of extra work if you specifically ask for it (remove birthmarks/scars, smooth any lumps and bumps, slightly smaller nose, etc). Of course, if you would prefer absolutely no airbrushing, I can do that too - just let me know.

  • Can I have something different to the packages on offer on the website?

Absolutely! The packages are just examples of what we think people might want for their photography - you tell me what you want and we'll arrange a package together that suits you.

  • Will my images be available for everyone to look at on the internet?

This is entirely up to you. Your photographs would normally be uploaded to a server and password-protected for your privacy, giving you, your friends and family the chance to see them via this website, and even order prints directly if they so wish if you share the password.

  • If I book a photo shoot, will I get the hard-sell treatment when I want to buy photographs?

Definitely not! If you choose the portrait session you will have access to the online proofs to choose from and you will be left in peace to make your decisions. If you only want your free print that comes with the package, then that's fine!

  • Am I restricted to the style and colour of photograph that appears on my proofs/website?

No! If you want some photographs in black & white, or B&W with an accent of colour, or even colour-toned to suit your room's colour-scheme, this can all be done by request at the time of ordering - click here for examples. We can even produce montages of your favourite photos into one modern-styled image.